Construction Management

We Manage in Multiples, Every Day.

The Metro Commitment

Metro Construction is dedicated to providing our clients the very best construction services, at a competitive price.

Nationwide Buildout Specialists

Over a decade ago, Lisa Erickson saw the need for a construction firm that had the knowledge and the experience to fully manage multiple, simultaneous projects throughout the United
States. In 2005, she founded Metro Construction Management to provide high quality, multi-state buildout services for companies expanding into new markets.

Metro began by constructing buildouts nationwide for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company; as their general contractor, Metro efficiently and quickly managed the construction of
their new stores across the country. Building upon the success of those first projects, Metro has continued to grow, constructing buildouts for clients of all sizes within the United States.

Construction Management
Construction Management
Construction Management

Why Metro Construction?

Fast Construction You Can Trust

Today, Metro Construction continues to lead the industry in accelerated, multi-unit construction. Our focus is on delivering high quality construction, fast. We know that every day you aren’t
open for business is lost revenue that you can’t recover. That’s why we are dedicated to getting your facility up and running quickly, so that you can establish your customer base and turn on your revenue stream.

Construction Problem Solvers

Metro Construction takes an active role in anticipating and overcoming problems encountered during all phases of construction. Our project managers and supervisors carefully monitor the
project’s progress to identify and correct potential problems before there is a negative impact to the schedule.

Strong Subcontractor & Supplier Relationships

We believe in treating our subcontractors and suppliers with respect. The best subcontractors and suppliers nationwide seek to bid our projects, because of Metro’s reputation for paying on
time and providing consistent, clear communication to the construction team. We make sure that our subcontractors have the information they need to schedule their work effectively, so that we can quickly deliver a finished building without costly delays. Because of these strong industry relationships, Metro provides our clients with better, faster builds.